Sherwood Boehlert has died.  He served our listening area as a United States Congressman for 24 years.

Boehlert was from the Mohawk Valley and served in many positions in the Oneida County area before moving on to national politics.  In Congress, he served as chairman of he House Science Committee for more than five years.

Congressman Boehlert was a good friend to our radio station.  Over the years he was a frequent guest on the air with us and he appeared at many area civic functions, parades, fundraisers, and honor banquets.  Our station was particularly pleased that Boehlert would join us in the 1990s when we celebrated "June is Dairy Month" by help broadcasting the Big Chuck morning show from several different area dairy farms.  The congressman was a strong supporter of our area dairy industry, and farming in general, and he always was bringing us up to speed on what legislations was coming down the ranks in Congress to help and aid the family farm.

Thank you Congressman Sherwood Boehlert.  Rest in peace.

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