Kingston, New York is one of the most historic cities in New York State.  And a perfect place for a weekend road trip!

It is one of the oldest cities in America (settled 332 years ago!) and has several buildings that date back way before the foundation of our country.  Historic government buildings, churches, private homes, all reflect the feel of the early days in pre-Colonial Kingston.  The city was formed, named our capital, was burned to the ground, and emerged as a proud center for life and trade along the Hudson River.

Here is a starter list for any weekend warrior visit to Kingston.  The list includes restaurants, historic buildings, museums, theaters, and more.  And, for those who enjoy a cool trivia factoid, Kingston is the home to one of the oldest surviving road intersections in the United States.  What that means is that the street intersection, of John and Crown Street, is the only one of its kind that has a pre-Revolutionary War structure on each of its four corners.  Plus, it is a neat selfie spot!

One of my favorites on this list is the Old Dutch Church where our state's first governor is buried and is a locale where General George Washington came by to worship.

Each item listed in this guide has a direct link to the appropriate social media platform so you can plan a visit, view the hours and admission policy, and make arrangements to visit this unique and wonderful city n the Hudson River.

Road Trip: Historic and Beautiful Kingston, NY!

Another one of our Upstate New York road trip features takes us to historic and beautiful Kingston, NY. This city of 25,000 people was once our state's capital, and was also a major terminus for trade on the Hudson River. Today, this great community offers much for a weekend road trip!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

Amazing Facts About "The Bridges of Upstate New York"

There are hundreds of bridges all across Upstate New York. Here is a sample of some of the most interesting. They run from a bridge that is visited by nearly a million people each year, to the oldest covered bridge in the United States.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio