To some, it would be a dream come true to meet one of their favorite celebrities. Throughout New York state, Hollywood's biggest stars have made an appearance.

Within the Hudson Valley, we have spotted Post Malone, Justin Bieber, Ben Stiller and other popular figures in the limelight.

While some celebrities visit our area, others reside in quaint towns or own businesses within the Hudson Valley.

I met Butch Patrick in Middletown, NY and Kelsey Grammer in Poughquag, NY. Butch was visiting for an event he was going to attend in New Jersey and Kelsey Grammer made an appearance to show his support to a Hudson Valley business. Kelsey also has a home within the Hudson Valley and owns a business here as well.

Those who are on the hunt for a celebrity spotting could get lucky by visiting Samuel's Sweet Shop, owned by Hilarie Burton and Paul Rudd.

What if you could be on a film set with one of Hollywood's biggest stars?

Will Chevy Chase Be Starring In A New Movie?

It isn't the holiday season without watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. It has always been a tradition to watch this holiday movie.

Chevy Chase stars as Clark Griswold. Chase and his family intend to have an old fashioned Christmas with relatives but it turns into a funny experience that they didn't see coming. 

All throughout the movie, there are scenes that make viewers laugh out loud and parts where they can often relate to.

Due to the popularity of this movie, it has always been a question of when will Chevy Chase star in another Christmas movie?

Movie buffs and Chevy Chase fans can rejoice with the recent news of his efforts.

Chevy Chase Will Be Starring In A New Holiday Themed Movie Filmed In Upstate New York

It's true, Chevy Chase will be starring in a new holiday movie which is being filmed in upstate New York. shared information about the recent news.

"Chase will have a role in her new movie, “The Christmas Letter.” The story centers on an “everyday man who gets a Christmas letter every year from his (wealthier) friend” and decides to take his family on “wild, crazy adventures” for a whole year in an attempt to top his friend’s Christmas letter."

Who else is already REALLY excited for this? I am!?

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How Can You Be On A Film Set With Chevy Chase In Upstate New York?

Cast of "Ellie Parker" Portraits
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loading... shared that Chevy Chase's new movie, "The Christmas Letter" will film scenes in Utica, NY in January 2024.

It keeps getting better, there is a casting call that is looking for movie extras in the surrounding area of where the film is being recorded.

This could be a dream come true to those who are looking to dive into the entertainment world, possibly meet Chevy Chase and be involved in one of his films. also shared that the release date for Chevy Chase's new holiday movie has not been announced just yet.

What are you most excited about in regards to Chevy Chase and his new movie? Would you be an extra in a movie? Share more with us below.

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