Meet the Susquehanna SPCA Pet of the Week – his name is Rufus. Every Thursday morning on WZOZ, Allison Hungerford, licensed Vet Tech at the Susquehanna SPCA, will tell us all about a special dog or cat at the shelter looking for its forever home.

This week we are going to feature Rufus, a 4-year-old kitty who is ready to find his family! Rufus is the most handsome boy! He prefers to be treated like a prince as the only pet in his home so he can have all of the attention to himself. Rufus is also happy to let his people know when he wants attention and is not afraid to give a little sass when he doesn't!
It’s been reported that potential adopters perceive black pets as less friendly than lighter-coated pets solely based on a photograph. This couldn't be further from the truth! I am cat dad to three, two of which are black cats. My Lucy is the most affectionate cat I've ever had. We can't be in the same room without him sitting on me, nuzzling, cuddling or giving kisses. Black cats shouldn’t get a bad rap just because they look sneaky. In fact, they’re considered good luck in many cultures!
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Folks interested in adopting this amazing cat should give the SQSPCA a call at 607-547-8111 to make an appointment to meet them! Also be sure to check out their website or petfinder for more adoptable animals.

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