The Ghost Hunters are back together again.

For more than a decade the Ghost Hunters team stalked the creepiest and dankest haunts on the search for signs of the paranormal, stopping several times in New York. The series that launched Paranormal TV ended its run in 2022. But it's coming back.

Ghost Hunters returns later this year with original team members Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, Dave Tango and Shari DeBenedetti. Now they’re back and better than ever on discovery+

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In honor of the Ghost Hunters returning, we thought we'd take a look at 11 creepy places they've visited in New York. All are open to the public so you can check them out yourself. Many even have something special during the month of October to celebrate the Halloween season.

11 Creepiest Public Places In New York Ghost Hunters Has Explored On TV

There are plenty of places to hunt for ghosts in New York State. Just ask the Ghost Hunters who have featured 11 of the creepiest public spots on TV.

New Ghost Hunter Locations

Since the Ghost Hunters are getting back together, there are several places they can come visit.

New York is home to two of the Top 10 Best Haunted Hotels. The Fainting Goat Island Inn on a 17-acre island in the Susquehanna River was voted #1 while the Saranac Hotel in Saranac Lake came in at #4.

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The Sagamore Hotel in Bolton Landing, New York is among one of the most haunted hotels in the country along with the old Hotel Utica that has since been transformed into a Double Tree.

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