Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce came to the defense when it comes to Josh Allen and the refs of the NFL.

Travis Kelce and Josh Allen are friends, even though it's not something Bills fans love to rave about.

The refs have really done the Buffalo Bills dirty this year. There have been so many bad calls this year, or maybe calls that didn't happen that have altered in some way, the game that is being played. It is an ongoing thing that is constantly being analyzed.

When the Buffalo Bills took on the Bengals in Week 9, Josh Allen had an easy jog to the endzone for a score and on the way Josh Allen pointed to a defender as he walked in. The refs called it a taunting penalty. In fact, Josh Allen was fined $10,927 for his penalty on "Sunday Night Football."

The league in some ways has gotten really soft on things and a taunting call like that will certainly be talked about. Travis has a podcast with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce and they talked about it. Travis Kelce is clearly defending Josh Allen while the older brother is not defending anyone and keeping it straight facts.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the 2 point favorite when they take on the Buffalo Bills at home at Arrowhead Stadium.

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