Whiskey lovers are going to want to mark this date on their calendars.  There are a bunch of distillers gathering in Geneseo for a huge whiskey festival.

It's called Hoochenanny and it's described as a "one-of-a-kind celebration of craft liquor, artisans, innovation, and live music in the picturesque Finger Lakes region."

Hoochenanny is a whiskey-tasting event for (just about) everyone

Whether you're a connoisseur of whiskey or someone who is just starting to enjoy it for all of its unique flavor notes, there will be something here for you.  The festival will not only feature some of the best bourbons and whiskeys in New York, they will also spotlight craft liquors.

While it's the first time they're putting on the event, they're bringing in a long list of distilleries from across New York State for you to check out.  They're even going to have an educational tasting experience that they call the Rickhouse Rendezvous that will include distilleries like Iron Smoke Distillery, Cooperstown Distillery, and Great Jones Distilling.

They've teamed up with the New York State Distiller's Guild

By teaming up with the New York State Distiller's Guild, they've been able to include tons of distilleries from across the state like 1911 Established, Black Button Distilling, Finger Lakes Distilling, Hudson Whiskey, Lock 1 Distilling Company, Old Scotland Road Distillery, Southern Tier Distilling Co, Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery, The Better Man Distilling Co. and New Scotland Spirits.

There will be music

This isn't any ordinary whiskey-tasting event.  The organizers have also decided to add live music to their schedule.

"This inaugural festival will deliver a mix of craft beverages and live music that encapsulates the spirit of Livingston County," - Director of Livingston County Tourism, Kelly Burns

The acts have not been unveiled just yet, but will be announced soon.

When is the Hoochenany and where will it be?

The Hoochenany is going to cover two days on October 20th and 21st in Geneseo, NY.  Friday there will be a VIP Party at the Wadsworth Homestead overlooking the scenic Genesee River Valley.  Then Saturday, the rest of the festival will take place at the Geneseo Village Park located at the intersection of Main Street and 20A.

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