When it comes to food in Buffalo, we're a little protective.  So prepare yourself.  This one might be a little emotional for you.


There are two types of people in this world.  There are the people who love Buffalo pizza and the ones who are wrong about it.

Who is Connor McGovern?

Connor McGovern is lined up to be the Buffalo Bills' next starting center.  He is the person that most people believe will be taking over after the Bills cut Mitch Morse last month to get a little closer to being under the salary cap. He was picked up by the Bills from Dallas last year and stepped in to play guard for the Bills in 2023.  One of the reasons why you may not have heard his name much is because he did a pretty good job.  If as an offensive lineman you don't hear your name being called much, it's normally because you haven't screwed up.

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Connor McGovern spoke with former Bills center Eric Wood

Eric Wood was the Buffalo Bills center from 2009 until 2018 when he was forced to retire due to a neck injury.  Now, he is the color commentary guy for Bills broadcasts and he has his own podcast called "Centered On Buffalo" where he talks with other players about game recaps and other stories from the field.

This week, he hosted Bills offensive lineman Connor McGovern on the podcast.  To help us get to know him a little better he asked him 3 bonus questions.  One of them had to do with Buffalo pizza and as soon as he started to answer he said, "I know Buffalo fans aren't going to like this..." (Scroll to 3:31 to start at the question about pizza)

McGovern knows pizza

Yeah...he said he's not a fan of Buffalo-style pizza.  Now, before you feel the need to defend our pizza, keep in mind, that he's just not a fan of puffy, sweet-sauce pizza.  He's the kind of guy that likes it thin.

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He's also been practicing on being a pizza chef on his spare time.  So he knows what he likes in a pie. It looks like he's at least got the pepperoni right.  Check this one out:

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