I have seen a million old photos of Oneonta and the surrounding area, but I have never seen this one before!

So....help me out.  This is definitely before my time.  What can you tell me about these businesses?  I am guessing from previous posts and discussions over the years that Lescron was some kind of bookseller, and the Klipnockie was obviously a bar.

Does anybody have any memories of these two Main Street businesses?  Owners?  Dates?  Personal memories.

Update:  The photographer is Larry Mirarchi.  He told me:  "The photo in question is one that I took back in the 80s. when downtown Oneonta was undergoing urban renewal.  The store on the right (Lescron) was a bookstore and is now Latte Lounge.  The store on the left was a pizza place and is now the Green Toad Book Store."

Larry's old Oneonta photographs are available at the Artisan Guild on Main Street.