Nik, Tre, Maddie, Bensyn Trish,and Gigii were in the parade in a 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible.

The tiny village of Unadilla is surprisingly famous for several reasons.  Not the least is the fact the Unadilla is the home of Boy Scout Troop #1 in America.  And, as a bonus, the village is also home to the longest continuously running Flag Day parade in the U.S>.

The village celebrated its 69th annual Flag Day parade on Sunday night. 

Hundreds lined the streets to witness one of the largest Flag Day parades in the village's history.  Dozens of area groups and organizations sent vehicles to be represented in this year's "all vehicle" configuration of the Flag Day parade.  Crowds cheered, flags were waved, little kids laughed, poppies were sold and a half-mile lineup of vehicles all made for a great night in the "Village Beautiful."

Krystal Lee (photo below) a rising young country singer also known as "The Country Sweetheart," was a celebrity participant in the Unadilla parade (photo below).