By: Kelli Whitman (Town Square Media Intern)

Halloween is an exciting holiday for kids and their parents. However, it can become dangerous if the proper safety precautions aren’t followed. Here are some tips to help ensure safety of your trick-or-treaters.

  • A parent or responsible adult should always accompany young children on neighborhood rounds.
  • If children are old enough to go out on their own, be sure they stay in groups and update parents about every hour or so.
  • Pack trick-or-treating bags or buckets with a flashlight and/or glow stick.
    Pick costumes that are lightly colored or reflective, so children can easily be seen by cars.
  • Instead of a mask that could restrict any sight, try a hat or face paint instead.
    Remind children to always walk on paths or sidewalks, away from the road. Try to pick a route with the least amount of intersections.
  • At intersections and street corners, be sure to look both ways and keep looking while crossing.
  • Advise children to only approach houses with lights on and to never enter a home for candy.
  • Inspect the candy that your child receives, looking out for candy that is already opened.