All crimes are bad.  Some are very bad.  Some are unspeakable.  The crime of human trafficking falls into that category.  It is the nastiest of crimes.  And, until now, if a victim of this heinous crime got free and charged their captors or the person who facilitated their dangerous situation, the victim would have to pay all court costs out of their own pocket.  Now, in New York State, that unfairness has been corrected.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has signed legislation which allows victims of human trafficking to recover actual, compensatory and punitive damages or other appropriate relief. This legislation also amends current law that requires an action to be commenced within 10 years of victimization to state an action can be commenced within 15 years after victimization has occurred.

"Human trafficking is one of the most abhorrent crimes a person can commit. Victims of these heinous acts deserve swift criminal and civil justice executed in a manner that respects and adapts to the mental trauma they have experienced," Governor Cuomo said. "No longer will victims of human trafficking be forced to cover the financial costs that accompany taking their traffickers to court. This legislation ensures that survivors are not left financially strained while they work to recover mentally and physically. New York stands with victims of human trafficking and applauds them on their bravery in confronting their attackers so that others may be spared from these unfathomable experiences."

We applaud the governor for signing this new legislation and giving some relief to these tragic victims..

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