For folks who utilize the Franklin (NY) Food Pantry......good news.

The pantry will expand their hours of operation for the convenience of their customers in the Greater Franklin area.  The new hours are from 5:00 to 7:00 pm every second and fourth Friday of the month.  This is in addition to their regular hours which are from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm every Friday of the month.

The Greater Franklin Food pantry carries a wide assortment of goods for the public to avail themselves of.  This includes canned foods, boxed pantry staples, produce, eggs, dairy products, frozen items, snacks, personal care items and more.  residents of the Franklin and Treadwell communities are encouraged to visit the pantry.  It also includes any person who is in need of food that lives in the former Treadwell School District.

New customers are welcome.  On your initial visit you a required to fill out a simple questionnaire   After this, you are able to make a once monthly visit to the food pantry to pick up whatever food you need (based on your family size0.

During uncertain times, now or in the future, the pantry is here to help alleviate food emergencies for local families. For more information, please call or text (607) 386-1601, or visit us at our website at or on our Facebook page. Questions, comments, suggestions, and donations are welcome.

The Greater Franklin Food Pantry is located in the Franklin Railroad and Community Museum’s Farmhouse Community Center at 574 Main Street, Franklin, NY 13775.

There is convenient parking in the museum parking lot.

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