I"I have seen that face somewhere.  Maybe in a book?  In a movie.  Oh, wait.  How about in a statue!"

These statues depict 20 very famous Upstate New York personalities.  Can you guess their names (yes the answers are all at the very end)?  On this list are entertainers, sports stars, folk heroes, military leaders, and others.  Each has a terrific back story to them.  Each entry also tells you exactly where you can find these statues (all are very imposing and can't be missed).

Do you have a favorite?  How about a deceased sports legend we may now know more for his franchise of coffee shops?  Or a military leader who, while mortally wounded, directed his men to prop him against a tree where he continued to lead his men while smoking a long, curved clay pie (he died of his wounds).  Or how about the poignant tale of a young man, doomed at the peak of his career, who died way too young to really leave a mark in his chosen professional sport career.  His story has been told in books, movies, on television, and yes, in a wonderful statue found in his hometown in the Southern Tier.

So, good luck on this quiz.  And no cheating!  The answers are all listed at the very end.

And, if you know of a statue where you live in Upstate New York that also tells an important story, please let us know about it over on our Facebook page!  We'd love to hear from you!

A Test!! "Who Are These People?" Do You Know These Famous Upstate New Yorkers?

No cheating. See how well you know these statuary giants of famous Upstate New York figures. Each has a unique and powerful story to them. These statues can be found in all parts of Upstate New York. Have you seen any them? The answers are at the end. Good luck!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio