As if the ballot counting process for the 22nd Congressional District hasn't been crazy enough, another bombshell was dropped after a county attorney announced 55 newly found ballots.

According to a letter obtained by WBNG 12 News Reporter, Josh Rosenblatt, the Chenango County Board of Elections recently discovered 55 early voting ballots that had not been counted. The letter was written by Chenango County Attorney Alan Gordon addressed to Judge Scott Delconte, who has been overseeing the legal case to help determine who will be the next Congressional Representative in the 22nd District.

The letter reads,

Earlier today, I was informed by the Chenango County Board of Elections Commissioners that they found 55 early voting ballots that were not previously canvassed. Those ballots were apparently mislaid and never counted. Of those 55 ballots, I am advised that 44 are countable and 11 are not (voters not registered). I have advised our Board of Elections to not open any of those ballots and to secure them in their offices.

Gordon concludes the letter by asking Judge DelConte to direct him on how to proceed. Claudia Tenney currently has a 12 vote lead in the race against Incumbent Democrat Congressman Anthony Brindisi. The night of the election Claudia Tenney held an over 28,000 vote lead over Brindisi. Since then the lead has shifted several times between the two candidates. We will have to wait and see what Judge DelConte rules in response to the letter today. Will those votes be counted? Eventually, we will know the next NY-22 Representative.

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