Talk about a life well lived!

Dr. Balazs Selendy, who had a career at Bassett Hospital that lasted more than 40 years, has passed away.  This great man's life reads like a movie script.

Among the incredible "bullet points" in Dr. Selendy's life are being born in 1937 in war-torn Hungary just before the outbreak of World War II, his family faced incredible depravations during the war but were spared the wrath of the Nazi invaders because (in part) his grandfather had been a military officer serving the Austro-Hungarian empire during  World War I; as a young man he was a street fighter during the Soviet attack on his native Hungary; after coming to America he served during the Vietnam War from 1968 to 1970 as a medical officer in the U.S. Army and rose to the rank of major; he became a United States citizen in 1970; he began a career in medicine at Bassett Hospital; during his long tenure at Bassett he became a specialist in the new era of microsurgery; he was one of the nation's earliest champions of the midwife program; his career in Bassett included being the birth doctor for an uncountable number of babies; even late in life he was honing his passion for photography, karate, motorcycling, and reading; he was an inspiration to all who crossed his path for more than seven decades including his friends and neighbors in the Cooperstown area where he lived for more than a half-century.

Dr. Selendy will be fondly remembered by all he served.  He is a shining example of those special people who live and work amongst us and who create a better place for all.

For more information on this great man's life read his full obituary by CLICKING HERE.

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