There are numerous historic military sites throughout Upstate New York. Big or small, they all are fascinating and worthy to be put on your road trip bucket list.

Our list tells of 11 different places scattered all over Upstate New York that you should visit. Some are very well-known on a national level, like the Saratoga battlefield or the West Point Military Academy. Others are much smaller in scope, maybe just a rural museum, or a famous ship, or a fort, but they should be noted for their historical importance.

My favorite on this list is the H. Lee White Maritime Museum in Oswego, NY. The museum itself is fascinating and reveals four centuries of maritime history. But look at that small World War II tug boat that is docked outside. Look again. See something unusual? Yes, it is my favorite story and it is told in this gallery.

Each of the 11 entries ha a direct link to the site so you can check on days of operation, tour details, and house.

11 Popular Military History Sites to Visit in Upstate New York

Many military engagements and wars took place in Upstate New York. Today we have many military sites to visit and relive history at.

This list is of eleven military historic sites, some big and some very small, but all played a part in keeping the flame of freedom burring for our country. While certain places, like West Point or the Saratoga Battlefield, are known to all Americans, it is the smaller places that hold maybe just a short chapter of American military history that I like best.

Maybe a ship, or a museum, or a battlefield. There is a wide range of places on this list and all offer up a great deal of interesting information for the history buff.

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