Way before I became a dog owner, I would always get upset about seeing dog poo left for people to look at or step in on sidewalks, grassy areas, trails, etc.  Now, as a dog owner, I am even more incensed when I see dog excrement left behind by negligent owners.

The other day, as I was leaving Townsquare Media studios with my coworker Big Chuck, we were quite appalled to see a very large pile just outside the radio station, smack in the middle of the sidewalk! REALLY?!!


I know that a dog has to go when a dog has to go, but at the very least, move your dog off to the side and don't let it do it's business in the middle of the sidewalk for some unsuspecting passerby to walk in!  Best of all, when you are about to walk your dog, come prepared with more than one dog doo disposal bag because you just never know.