For several years, local law enforcement agencies have been trained in and equipped with the use of Narcan (naloxone).  This is a medication which pulls people out of an opioid overdose allowing for them to have time to get to a medical facility for further treatment.  Narcan has been used dozens of times and has proved a savior in giving people a second chance at life, people struggling with a drug addiction.
This was the case recently in Delhi.  Police answered a call to an Elm Street residence and upon arrival found a 44-year old woman unconscious and not breathing.  Officers quickly identified this as a case of an opioid overdose, called for emergency services,  and administered Narcan.
The person quickly regained consciousness and started breathing on her own allowing time for the EMS squad to arrive and take her to O'Connor Hospital where she was administered to in the Emergency Room.
While on patrol, Delhi PD officers are equipped with this life saving medication. Officers receive training and the medication is distributed through the police department’s DOH registered Opioid Overdose Prevention Program. Delhi PD’s overdose prevention program received certification with the NYS Department of Health in May of 2015 and provides training and other resources to the Delhi PD and other law enforcement agencies in Delaware County.
For more details on this story visit the delhi Police Department's information page by  CLICKING HERE.
Congratulations on a job well done by the Delhi Police Department.  We are grateful for your service.


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