Officials in the Greene Central School District are looking into an incident in which a teacher reportedly paraded a road-kill fox carcass around three classes February 27.

The district only learned of the incident through a parent March 5th.

Superintendent Jonathan Retz sent a letter to the parents of the 55 students who were exposed to the dead animal and the Chenango County Health Department was notified.

The carcass has tested negative for rabies.

The district has said high school teacher, Justin Pisanello, had been informed about the road kill and its location by students, then went out and collected the remains.

Superintendent Retz told media that showing the fox around three classes had nothing to do with the teacher’s lessons and the teacher never notified the administration of any plans to collect the carcass and bring it to school.

If the remains of the fox had not been located or had tested positive for rabies, several students who came in contact with the animal would’ve had to undergo rabies vaccinations.

Additionally, officials say, the teacher did not wear safety gear like gloves and goggles when collecting and handling the carcass.