On December 3, The Catskill Watershed Corp. (CWC) Board of Directors awarded funding for four new business loans.

Among the business loans approved for three restaurants and one hospitality business. is Verona Oil Gas Stations in Walton and Windham which were each approved $14,816 for operation and maintenance costs to clean and dispose of materials within the oil/water separators associated with the Verona Future Storm water Projects.

The CWC Board of Directors additionally funded Flood Hazard Mitigation projects spread throughout Delaware and Ulster Counties.

Ann Jones of 162 Delaware Street in the Town of Walton was previously approved funding of $5,000 for a feasibility study to examine flood-proofing. She was approved for additional funding of $3,750 for the design of the flood-proofing measures recommended in the study.

The CWC is a non-profit, Local Development Corporation responsible for several environmental protection, economic development and education programs in the New York City Watershed West of the Hudson River. www.cwconline.org