The Susquehanna SPCA project received the official go-ahead from the Empire State Development Agency for their new shelter construction.   In a press release, shelter director Stacie Haynes said, "We are encouraged by Governor Cuomo’s recent statement that construction will be one of the first industries to resume operations. We understand that while our project   has been fast-tracked as we face dangerous conditions at our current location, we recognize all construction to be essential and know that folks across the board are eager to get back to work."

Senator Jim Seward advocated forcefully for this new shelter sayingi, "I am thrilled that construction on this project will be moving forward immediately.

Updated facilities at the new shelter will include convenient new entrances for easy drop off and pick-up of animals, a sterile surgery suite and a new fresh air ventilation system.   The new shelter location will be situated 1.7 miles north of the present shelter on Rt. 28.