At first, Hurricane Sandy was forecast to head out into the Atlantic Ocean. Then, it was a 50-50 shot of coming ashore in the northeast. Now, forecasters say it's imminent.

The two weather models -- European and U.S. -- have Sandy coming ashore between southern New Jersey and New York City. The European model predicts a more southerly landfall, with Sandy making landfall around the southern tip of New Jersey. The U.S. model has it as a direct hit on New York City.

Either prediction means big winds, with sustained winds expected between 60-80 mph impacting central New York late Monday and into Tuesday. If Sandy hits NYC, rain will also be a factor, and forecasters say this storm could be more damaging than even Hurricane Irene, which devastated much of New England and eastern New York a year ago.

Further, storm surge will be a factor along the Jersey Shore and the tri-state area. Meanwhile, Philadelphia is preparing for historic storm damage should Hurricane Sandy take the European model's path.