U.S. Congressman Anthony Brindnisi says if Spectrum Cable isn’t living up to its end of the deal to expand broadband service into rural areas as part of its takeover of Time Warner Cable, it needs to be held accountable both by New York State and by federal regulators.

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News (file)

The Utica Democrat held a roundtable discussion at his Binghamton District Office to hear constituents’ concerns, including those saying lack of internet and cell service impacts their business and is not just an issue of personal convenience.

Spectrum Cable was cited by the State Attorney General in December for not meeting its promises of broadband delivery and A.G. Barbara Underwood ordered the company to pay $174.2 million to settle consumer fraud claims, money that was to be paid back to targeted customers.  The state kicked the media provider out but it was granted an extension to negotiate terms of meeting promises of expanded service.  Another extension has since been filed.

Brindisi has authored legislation to force more oversight of cable companies and better transparency of practices.

The Congressman says he has spoken to state officials, including Governor Cuomo about holding the companies accountable for their promises, especially in light of a lack of competition in many areas.

Image: Anthony Brindisi campaign commercial

During the 2018 Congressional campaign, Brindisi had his own beef with the media giant, saying his ads were being not being aired on Spectrum channels due to his criticism of the company.