We have been writing stories and updates about local COVID case numbers for over a year now.  Sometimes we get numb to the data.  We are now seeing people who are fully vaccinated getting the new variant of COVID (Delta).  Because these people are fully vaccinated, these new cases of the virus are relatively mild and non-life threatening.

But,. still the weekly reports of COVID in our area are shocking.  And they are always worth revisiting if only to remind everybody that the threat is still there, the numbers are real, and people are still dying.

Here are the very latest (August 26, 2021) figures reported by the Chenango County Department of Health:

Active cases:  79

Active quarantine:  201

Confirmed cases:  3,809 (up 15)

Active hospitalizations:  6

Total recoveries:  3,563

Total COVID tests performed:  132, 588

Total COVID deaths:  81