Credit: UberImages, Thinkstock
Credit: UberImages, Thinkstock
Do you have any questions about your Social Security benefits?  If so the CDO Workforce is holding three informational meetings about Social Security next Tuesday, October 9.
These three different workshops will be explained in simple everyday language, so folks can better understand and navigate the complex Social Security system, regardless of how much one may already know about these programs. 
If someone you know is considering going back to work and is fearful or skeptical that they will lose their Social Security benefits, these workshop are for them!  Office of Mental Health facilitators, Garrett Smith and Regina Shoen, will explain how someone can go back to work while still receiving benefits.  If folks are unsure if they are eligible to receive Social Security benefits, that will be explained as well. 
This FREE event is sponsored by the Office of Mental Health and CDO Workforce and will be held at 12 Dietz Street, Oneonta, NY.  Please feel free to utilize the parking garage as it is FREE ALL DAY PARKING.