With rent soaring in price, and truly the cost of living, maybe you're looking to save money. Can you live in a RV on your own property in New York State?

Anywhere you look on Facebook lately, it seems that Tiny Homes have made a huge splash as a way to cut costs. The same could be said about van life too. When it comes to RVs, is it possible to just buy land and move an RV there almost like a trailer?

Believe it or not, not all 50 states allow you to live in an RV on your property. That's right, your own property. However, according to VEHQ quite a few do. Is New York on that list? Here's the list they published:

Washington State
South Dakota
New York

So New York does allow it. Not all states and cities share the same RV laws though. You are advised to check your local regulations before moving into any RVs.

According to the IRS, you can claim an RV as a house for tax purposes. That means you will need to eat, sleep, and spend considerable time inside your vehicle to make it official."

Even though New York State allows RV living, there are many limits in place. We are considered a less-friendly RV location to live along with California, and Wyoming.

Even though you can technically reside in your recreational vehicle in these three states, their stringent laws can put extra stress on you as the owner.

New York prohibits larger RVs from being on certain roads, including its longest parkway. Also, you can't use a recreational vehicle as a physical home address, so you'll need to use a mail forwarding service. You can read more online here.

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