The city of Buffalo, New York has a whole bunch of hardy residents.  Every winter their toughness and durability is tested when the snows of January come blowing in and the famous "lake effect snows" welds the city into a big, cold, white, snowy mass.  This year was no different.  In fact, parts of Western New York received more than 40" of snow in a January blizzard (remember that football game that got postponed?).

But, like I said, none of this surprises longtime Buffalonians.  They deal with it, shrug it off, and, well, life goes on.  But when the snow does stop, and the sun comes out, many of the city's residents take a break from reality, put on their boots, and trudge to their nearest neighborhood pub or corner tavern for a much needed break.

And this city has an embarrassment of riches when it come to epic watering holes.

This gallery looks at ten that are warm, nostalgic, old, and very similar to that TV-place "where everybody knows your name."  Each of these are very popular, whether it is for a winter break or a summer get-together with friends.

Each pub on here (which, by the way includes a tavern which opened 3 years after the Civil War ended!) has a direct link to their social media so you can get all the deets about hours and specials.

Here's to you, Buffalo.  Have one on us!

Get Comfy At These 10 Great Buffalo, NY Neighborhood Pubs

Buffalo has had a winter to remember (can somebody say 40" of snow in parts of the Erie County?) so now it is time to cozy up on a barstool or a booth for a break form the weather at any of Buffalo's epic neighborhood bars. These are all classics!

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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