I daresay, if you grew up in Oneonta or you've lived here for at least five years, you have enjoyed the Oneonta Theatre on Chestnut Street in some way.  Maybe you have seen movies there or enjoyed any of the many shows that took place there after owner Tom Cormier renovated the historic building.  This building has long been near and dear to many and now sits empty and closed.

After posting an Oneonta Theatre survey yesterday on the WZOZfm.com website, and sharing it on the WZOZ facebook page, many people commented on bringing back more of the historic look of the theatre which got me thinking about the current marquee and how lackluster it is.  If we compare this marquee with former Oneonta Theatre marquees, it doesn't remotely look as good!  Here's a photo from the Greater Oneonta Historical Society of a former Oneonta Theatre marquee that got torn off and no doubt ended up in the landfill.  Isn't it fantastic?!

Greater Oneonta Historical Society

Notice the movie mentioned on the marquee: "2001: A Space Odessey", which dates back to 1968.  Wouldn't it be great to see this wonderful, marquee recreated and returned to the Oneonta Theatre?  Is that the answer to the theatre's success?  Of course not, BUT it would make the theatre stand out again.  As is, it's looks depressing and barely noticeable.  It's a start to change the marquee, once it's determined that

Here are some examples below of area old theaters and their impressive marquees...

Howard Ohlhous‎Capital District, New York - History and Culture, facebook
The Colonia Theater, facebook

The Palace Theater in Hamilton

Arts at the Palace, Facebook

Do you think if we brought back the old look of the exterior of the Oneonta Theatre that people would want to come to it again?  If you have an opinion about the Oneonta Theatre, be sure to fill out the survey!