Reports that a meth lab has been discovered in Sylvan Beach with unconfirmed reports of a possible bomb attached are being received by officials in Sylvan Beach.

Evacuations are underway and several roads have been closed.

In addition to the Sylvan Beach Fire Department and New York State Police, emergency responders are walking door to door telling residents to leave the immediate area.

Police and fire officials are stating the address of the possible lab as 1524 15th Avenue.  We are being told by officials that all roads leading in and out of the area have now been closed.

Townsquare Media's Kate Mondi is in Sylvan Beach.  She says that residents were told to told to evacuate immediately at approximately 8:50am.

A Google Map view of the homes directly affected near that address is below:

Google Maps street view: 1524 15th Avenue in Sylvan Beach, New York

Officials are only saying that a device that could be a bomb is involved but they cannot confirm that the item is actually an explosive device.  They caution that meth labs are inherently explosive and all precautions are being taken to safeguard the public.

This is a developing story and we will bring you the latest from Sylvan Beach.

(with additional reporting by Kate Mondi, Townsquare Media)