This new feature will salute those businesses in our area who go the extra step to make their store fronts and windows inviting to all who pass by.  Nothing big, nothing earth-shaking, nothing dramatic.  Just the little things that please the eye and make us smile. 

I wonder if some day Oneonta might be referred to as the "City of Murals."  We have several of them and they add a bit of color to our normal day.  This week's award goes to Cynthia Marsh's wonderful mural on the side of the Clinton Plaza.  It was created in 2010 and is titled "First People."  I think it shows a remarkable image of what our great city area must have looked like by some of  the first observers who came upon it.  The detail and colors are wonderful.

My favorite part?  The little bluebird that she painted which appears to be sitting on an already existing iron railing.  Very clever.

Just the little things in life, but oh so nice.

That is all....