This new feature will salute those businesses and places in our area that go the extra step to make our city inviting to all who pass by.  Nothing big, nothing earth-shaking, nothing dramatic.  Just the little things that please the eye and make us smile. 

This week we honor the Huntington Memorial Library for erecting an "old-fashioned" gazebo on the library grounds.  We think this adds a wonderful touch of nostalgia to this venerable and historic Oneonta landmark.  It is easy to imagine a time when there really might have been a gazebo located here, say, 100 years ago, with people enjoying a chat or a good book on a summer's day.  This is a lovely addition to our public landscape and we applaud HML for gifting it to all of us.  And by the way, this is another nice item from Oneonta's own Amish Barn Company!

Just the little things in life, but oh so nice.