This new feature will salute those businesses and places in our area that go the extra step to make our city inviting to all who pass by.  Nothing big, nothing earth-shaking, nothing dramatic.  Just the little things that please the eye and make us smile. 

If you drive through Oneonta's Neahwa park you will street names with some familiar and some un-familiar names.  They are the names of the city's former mayors. I think it is a nice touch, and a sentimental homage to the former mayors who, even if we have never heard of them before, left a mark on the City of the Hills in big and small ways.  So here's to you Berton Lauren, Sam Nader, Frank Blodgett, Jim Lettis, Albert Morris, Kim Mueller, Andrew Ceperley and all the others!!  And thanks, Oneonta, for this unique way to honor or past leaders.

Just the little things in life, but oh so nice.

That is all....

mayor ALL