Here are 7 things I have on my summer bucket list, and all of them are in the Catskill region.  Some of them I have never done, others will be like visiting an old friend.

What is on your summer bucket list?

1:  The World's Largest Kaleidoscope (Mount Tremper):  I haven't been here in years but I think we should have some younger visitors at our house this summer and I know they will love this unique place!

2:  Arkville Train Ride (Arkville):  What is it about boys and trains?  Loved them when I was a kid, and still do!  Always a fun ride on the Rip Van Winkle Flyer!

3:  Lunch on the big front posrtch at the Andes Hotel (Andes).  Just a great, relaxing place to enjoy some delicious food and sit back and watch the catskill-world go by.  This is one of my favorite places.

4: Ice Cream at Mac-a-Doodles (Stamford):  I never miss this ice cream stand on Stamford's Main Street.  Even I can't handle the large cone.  WOW :) :)

5: Take a hike (Middleburgh):  Vromans Nose is Middleburgh's natural landmark.  The hike up to the top is easy and the rewarding view of the Schoharie Valley and the Catskills beyond is definitely worth the sweat!

6:  Go to a farm market (Hallcottsville):  If you have never been to the Pakatakan Round Barn Farm Market...YOU SHOULD.  The historic round barn is a great setting for one of the Catskill's best farmers market.  Shop, eat, enjoy the music and relax at a truly unique spot.

7:  Visit the Thomas Cole Museum (Catskill):  He is one of my favorite artists and they have a new exhibit this summer!