Are you going to watch the royal wedding this weekend?

Apparently they are very big deals in the UK.  Thousands will line the streets outside of the wedding ceremony just to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry and his beautiful American bride, Meaghan Markle.

The wedding will be held in historic St. George's Chapel at Windsor Palace.  The flowers are from the Queen's own garden and the cake?  Well, how would you like the pressure of being the official Royal Cake Baker?  The cake is described as, "....a lemon elderflower confection that will evoke the bright colors and flavors of spring."

Seems like a lot of frou-frou just to get hitched but I guess that is the way the Royals Roll!

The television audience (and online viewers) is expected to be in the tens of millions.

So, I ask you .  Are you going to watch the wedding?

I'm not...  But I do wish those two knuckleheads a long and happy life.