We all have them  They are a part of our daily life.  And we almost never go into them because, well, we can't.  It is too full.

I'm talking about our junk drawers.

The photo above is actually MY junk drawer at home.  As you can see, it is a catch all:  receipts (probably a year or older), candles, a cork screw, an antique Bresee's ashtray (where did that come from?), a pair of scissors, various sizes of tape, an ad for the Broadway show "Hamilton," some assorted (and unknown electronic gadgets) and more.

So, I've shown you mine...I want to see yours.  Take a photo of your own junk drawer and send it to me.  Our expert panel of Junk Drawer Judges will pick the top three or four and feature them on this page in the future.

Long live our junk drawers!