I know that many people in our area think that the greatest thing they can do when they retire is move south.  And, I will admit, I have given it some thought myself.  But then I visit it.  And...

I just got back from a three day visit with my daughter Frances and her family.  They live in Lawrenceville, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta.  I had a great trip and so much fun seeing my granddaughter Reese.  But brother, it was hot.

Last Saturday it was 93-degrees and Sunday and Monday were both 94.  And it is like that a lot.  How do they do it?  Well, I actually lived in Houston for 5 years in the late 1970s and that was another hot, hot city. But I was much younger and it didn't bother me.

Today, no way.  I am not saying that won't change but for right now I will settle for Upstate New York in the summer.  When I landed Monday night in Syracuse the temperature was 60-degrees and man, did that feel great!

How about you?  Are you a fan of Southern summer weather?  Or does this suit you just fine up here?