chuck 1989 radio

In this time of crisis and anxiety, I would like to offer you a deal many of you cannot pass up.  Listen to my show!  Here is how it works.  Listen to my show on Monday and if you like it...go ahead and become a regular.  It is that simple. Now THAT is a deal.  Check it out below!

With a record number of people home "for the duration" I invite any of you who have never listened to my show to give it a try!  I have been doing my morning show for 31 years at the same radio station and I have a lot of followers and fans.  BUT..since I broadcast on the AM dial only, a lot of people have still never found me.  I triplecast my show to Otsego, Delaware and Chenango counties each weekday morning from 6:00 AM to 10 AM.

I guarantee that you will never hear a show like mine!  My music playlist is the most completely mixed up that you will find anywhere on your radio dial.  For example, a week ago Friday on my show you would have heard songs from John Denver, Peggy Lee, Blake Shelton, Ray Price, Gaither Vocal Band, Lady Antebellum, Sonny and Cher, Tony Bennett, the Mills Brothers, Kate Smith, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Conway and Loretta, Adele, John Gary (with St. Patrick's music), Johnny Cash, Elvis, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, Donnie Osmond and Garth Brooks.  How about that mix!  And I make it work!

We do many different segments each morning, really homing in on nostalgia.  We look at old TV shows from the 1950s through the 1970s, we look back at each day in sports history, we reminisce in our Singer's Showcase and much more.  

We have a lot of laughs plus local and state news and ABC national news at the top of each hour.  Weather 3 times an hour, too.  We have COVID-19 updates and a lot of local news tidbits.

I hope you will find us this Monday for our offer to listen FOR FREE (alright, alright so it is always free)!  Yes, we are on the AM dial, perhaps a place that many of you have never been too.  Give it a try.  We do not stream, and sometimes the reception is a bit scratchy in far-off lands, but I am here, and have been for 31 years.  And we have a ball on my "Big Chuck's Morning Marathon."

You can find me at WDOS AM730 (Oneonta), WCHN AM1270 (Norwich) and also at AM970 WALTON.  All three counties!  Remember, give it a try this Monday and if it is not to your liking I will understand, and thank you anyway.  With a record number of people staying and working at home, my show might just be the stress-releaser you need!

Talk to you on the radio Monday (yes, we will have a big Kenny Rogers tribute segment).


"Big Chuck"

(PS: That photo above was from my first year in radio back in 1989)