Nobody likes going to an ice cream stand in the summertime more than me.  I try and go a couple of times a week.  I love an ice cream cone.  But here is something I have never figured out.

Who would ever order a plain vanilla cone?  And why?

There are hundreds of flavors of ice cream out there today.  In the old days it was just vanilla, chocolate or (and this was daring) the twist of both flavors.  Now, the variety is literally endless.  I had Pumpkin Watermelon ice cream the other day in Binghamton!  So with so many choices, why would somebody order just plain vanilla?  I never understood that.  My wife does that.  We walk up to the window and it takes me ten minutes to read the 100 different flavors offered.  After I pick Crunchy Peanut Moose Tracks, Trish steps up and says, "I'll have a medium vanilla cone, please."


I never liked the taste of vanilla in the first place.  And yet, in consumer poll after poll vanilla always ranks in the top three among voters' favorite.  many times it is #1.  I just don't get it.  Give my Raspberry Root Beer Swirl.

Will you celebrate National Vanilla Ice Cream day today.  And if so....why?