Betsy Nannette (Brown) Clark, 66, wife of Clark Companies President Scott Clark, passed peacefully and comfortably on the afternoon of Monday, Feb. 25, 2019, in the presence of those she loved and with the New York City sunshine appropriately in full bloom.

Betsy, nicknamed “Bets” by family and friends, was born and raised in Delhi, where she grew up on the family farm with her loving parents, Bob and Janis Brown, and four adoring siblings: Barbara, Suzy (Lynda), Robby, and Margaret.

She returned to the Delhi-area after completing college, where she fell in love with former schoolmate, Scott Clark, son of Burton and Velma Clark; the two were married in 1981 before pursuing Betsy’s dream of having a family of her own.

After enduring the tragic passing of her firstborn, “Baby Girl” Clark, within hours of being born, Betsy and Scott went on to have two sons, Christopher and Sean, that immediately became the center of her universe. She left her job at the local hospital and chose to dedicate herself to the needs of her young family, aspiring to personally raise her two boys while fully supporting her husband and his growing company, which specializes in construction of high-end outdoor sports facilities in Central New York and throughout the Northeast.

Together they would raise a wonderful and successful family while creating a warm place that they still called “home” at the time of her passing. Betsy often stated that her greatest accomplishment in life was personified by the character of her two sons; she would do anything in the world for them and was so immeasurably proud of the men that they became.

It comes as no surprise that Betsy’s fondest memories revolved around her time with family. She relished family trips both with her immediate family and her siblings—with whom she always remained close—and often spoke of her love for holidays, especially Christmas, because it brought her family together for quality time that meant so much to her. She cherished seeing her family grow, beginning with her loving in-laws: Rob Mason, Terri Brown, Wyman Ansley, Jackie Clark, and Larry York; her nieces and nephews that ensued; and later the addition of two beautiful daughters-in-law, Jenny and Jessi, whom she truly loved and adored as the “daughters that she never had”. While it may have seemed difficult to top wedding-dress-shopping and witnessing her two sons marry the women that they loved, Betsy’s greatest gift of all came in the form of her five grandchildren: Paige Lee (4), Austin Scott (3), Haley Marian (1), Colston John (2), and Dempsey Bets (7 wks).

Being “Grandma” meant so much to her and brought her happiness beyond words; she loved each one of them unconditionally and wanted nothing more than to maximize and cherish her time spent with them. She was blessed with her very first grandchild, Paige, at a unique time when the newfound light in her life was most welcomed; they formed a special bond and Betsy often spoke adoringly of that precious time in her life, helping to raise the first “little girl” of the Clark family. Her heart continued to swell with each and every grandchild that entered her life, prioritizing her time with them over all else.

When she wasn’t loving her family, Betsy was passionate about many things; she always enjoyed exercising and taking care of her body, spending part of her adult life as a body-builder. Despite her naturally shy and quiet demeanor, she was known for being strikingly beautiful and for always looking well-presented under any circumstance. As life went on she developed a passion for horseback riding, which quickly became an integral part of her life; whether showing horses competitively or simply spending time at the horse barn with her three horses and dear friends, this became a very special part of Betsy’s life. Other personal joys included traveling, dinner dates with her husband and friends, spending time with her yellow Labrador retrievers, watching the New York Giants, and Summer activities that often-included Corvette rides and enjoying her swimming pool at home.

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