We had our Benson Real Estate Show this morning on my program.  Always so fun and interesting.  Becky Thomas was in from the agency and she brought a guest.  Mary Rab has been in the local real estate business for decades.  She really knows her stuff!  We talked about the current real estate trends and what the future looks like for our area.  And, just for fun, Mary brought along an unusual listing to put in the "spotlight."  You really need to check this out.  A beautiful church for sale in Mt. Vision, NY.  And it is "fully stocked."  From solid oak pews, to beautiful stained glass, to an elegant altar, to a full working kitchen in the meeting room.  Everything is still there.  It even has an elevator to the second floor.  Even the prayer books are in the pews!  This is very cool for the right buyer.  And the price, well, I could hardly believe it.  For price and gorgeous photographs CLICK HERE

Listen to my interview with Mary about this stunning church for sale below: