In an economic climate in New York State where employers are having a hard time filling open positions, Bassett Healthcare Network has taken a step toward making current employees making minimum wage happier while at the same time, hoping to attract new employees with an increase of their minimum wage to $15 dollars. That went into effect as of July 4, not only for current employees but new hires as well. The current minimum wage for most of the state is $12.50.

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Dr. Tommy Ibrahim, Bassett Healthcare Network’s President and CEO says, “This increase is driven by our desire to more fully realize Bassett’s mission to ‘improve the health of our patients and the wellbeing of our communities. Additionally, competitive compensation is essential to recruiting and retaining the talented caregivers that our communities deserve and depend on.”

Bassett Healthcare Network is one of our Central New York region's largest employers with almost 6000 employees in a variety of positions in eight counties. Bassett Healthcare also boasts benefit packages for employees that include:
·         Medical, dental and vision insurance
·         Paid time off, including vacations and holidays
·         Life insurance and disability protection
·         Retirement benefits

Information on employee positions available can be found at

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