Bassett Healthcare Network received its first allocation of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine this week and began vaccinating clinical and non-clinical staff that work in direct patient care areas. The staff receiving the vaccine in this first phase of distribution fall into the Tier 1 group prioritized to receive the vaccine, as defined by state and federal criteria. All five hospitals in the network, received their initial allotment of the Moderna vaccine just ahead of Christmas.

“It has been a long several months, and our practitioners, nurses and other staff who have been battling this pandemic for nearly a year are energized by the arrival of a vaccine,” says Network President and CEO Tommy Ibrahim, MD, MHA. “All employees will be offered the vaccine in the coming weeks; those prioritized by the New York State Department of Health to be vaccinated first are clinical and non-clinical employees who work in direct patient care areas, and employees who are 65 years of age or older.”

There are over 5,000 employees in the Bassett Healthcare Network. Prior to receiving the Moderna vaccine, some Bassett staff traveled to state designated hub hospitals in Utica and Elmira to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Both vaccines require a second inoculation. Those who received the Pfizer vaccine will be vaccinated again 21 days later. Staff who receive the Moderna vaccine will get a second dose 28 days later.

“Both vaccines approved for emergency use by the FDA in this pandemic have been proven in clinical studies to be 94 to 95 percent effective, which is remarkable,” notes Dr. Ibrahim. “It is a safe vaccine, and I encourage everyone to become vaccinated when it becomes available as the COVID-19 vaccine is key to putting the pandemic behind us.”

According to state and federal guidelines, frontline health care workers across the state and country are being vaccinated first. The COVID-19 vaccines are anticipated to be available to the general population the first or second quarter of 2021. Bassett Healthcare Network will continue to work closely with county public health departments and the New York State Department of Health to distribute the vaccine when it becomes more widely available.

“While this latest development in our fight against COVID-19 is exciting, we remain in an unprecedented national public health emergency,” cautions Ibrahim. “I ask everyone in the days and months ahead to follow the precautionary measures proven to work in this pandemic. Social distancing, mask wearing, good hand hygiene, avoiding travel, and limiting gatherings to those in your immediate household are still the means to managing this pandemic.”

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