Could Bassett Healthcare Network see an influx of COVID-19 patients from downstate? It’s possible.

In his briefing Friday, Governor Cuomo told reporters he is very concerned about finding hospital beds for all those who may be sickened by the Coronavirus.

“We have lower numbers in Upstate, so we are coordinating the downstate need with Upstate hospital beds,” he said. “It could be a person comes in from New York City, but we have a hospital bed in Albany, and if that’s what it gets to that’s what it gets to. If we have a hospital bed with a ventilator anywhere in the state I would be happy.”

Bassett has been contacted by the state and stands ready for an influx of patients, whether they are local or from other parts of the state, said hospital spokesman Karen Huxtable-Hooker.

“We will certainly prioritize the care of people coming to us from throughout the Bassett Healthcare Network,” she said. “That is our responsibility.”

The governor has asked hospitals to find ways of accommodating more patients beds wherever possible. Huxtable-Hooker said that Bassett has been able to add 120 more beds, bringing its total capacity to over 300 beds.

“The work continues to identify additional spaces for conversion,” she said.

On Friday evening there are 7,102 confirmed cases of the virus in the state Health Department figures. More than 4,400 of those are in New York City, and many others are in counties close to the city. The numbers are rising rapidly as the virus spreads, and as test results come in.

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