The deadline is drawing near to apply for the Delaware Otsego Audubon Society community grants program. These community grants are available for projects that get approved and are focused on protecting birds and bird habitats from the threat posed by climate warming.  If you or your group can come up with a project proposal, the deadline to get it in is this Friday May 14, by 5:00 pm.

Applications may be submitted by schools, colleges, youth groups, non-profit organizations, municipalities, individuals and concerned community members.

Proposed projects can address climate change in a variety of ways – through environmental stewardship and preservation, building native plant bird habitats, engaging in sustainable or carbon reducing practices such as waste reduction, or composting, providing public education or communications with elected officials. People are encouraged to get creative in their ideas, but it is desired that any project proposals focus on our local area.

Only projects that impact the region within the Delaware-Otsego Audubon Society's region will be considered.  This area covers a wide stretch of our region including Northern Delaware County, all of Otsego County, the eastern portion of Chenango County, and the western portion of Schoharie County.   There are smaller parts of Herkimer and Montgomery Counties in the Society's region as well.

It is best to find out the details (including application forms) by visiting the Society's website by CLICKING HERE.  You may also call Susan O'Handley at 607-397-3815 for details.

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