Assemblyman Clifford W. Crouch (R-Bainbridge) was saddened to hear of his former colleague William “Bill” Magee’s passing on Christmas Eve, but also wants to take the opportunity to celebrate and remember his life. From 1990 to 2018, Bill gave his life to public service in the Assembly, representing a district consisting parts of Madison, Otsego and Oneida counties. At the same time, Magee was an auctioneer, running Magee Auctioning Services for many decades. Crouch is sending his thoughts and prayers to Magee’s family as they go through this challenging time.

“Serving in the Assembly certainly has its moments; it can be an incredibly challenging, aggravating experience, but what happens is you meet some of the most genuine, honest, funny, insightful and hardworking people on both sides of the aisle. Bill was one of the many who I originally called a colleague but became glad to call a friend,” Crouch said. “He would have told you himself that he lived a full life, filled with good times and good people, and I can certainly second that. Even in his final days, stories are coming out about how he was laughing and joking with support staff who were there to care for him, and I think that sums up the man’s character more than anything: jubilant and energetic to the end. I’ll miss my friend dearly

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