Whether it's Hurricane Sandy or another natural disaster, it's always comforting to know you're prepared for whatever comes your way. Here, you will find a guide, courtesy of the Delaware County Department of Emergency Services.

Have a Plan

Consider each person your plan will cover and what specific needs they have, be it medical or otherwise.


Pets are not normally allowed in public shelters

Plan in advance where you can take your pet in the case of evacuation.

Don’t forget pet medication, food and water


Keep in stock enough food to last you a minimum of three days. Store emergency supplies in airtight containers. Keep these supplies in cool, dry places.


You'll need 1 gallon of water per day per person. Stored water should be changed every 6 months.


Rotate stored food supply so that your emergency supply stays fresh

Stock foods that need no refrigeration or cooking

Store foods that need little or not water to prepare such as:

Canned or ready to eat meats, fruits vegetables

Canned milk & juices

High energy foods such as peanut butter, granola bars or crackers

Other Emergency Supplies

Manual can opener – (non-electric)

Cups, plates, utensils

Flashlight and extra batteries – rotate batteries regularly

Radio – battery powered and extra batteries


Fire extinguisher

Dusk masks

Pliers and shut off wrench - to shut off water and gas lines


Needles and thread


Compass and local map

Paper, pens and pencils

Blankets and/or sleeping bags

Changes of clothes for everyone

Sturdy shoes or boots – no sandals

Rain gear

Warm coats, gloves, hats

First Aid Kit** (see below for list of contents for basic fist aid kit)

Board games, playing cards

First Aid

Sterile bandages


Adhesive Tape

Elastic Bandages (sprained ankles, etc)

Aspirin and Non-aspirin pain relievers

Cough syrup

Antihistamine and decongestant tablets


Anti-diarrhea medication

Thermometer – mercury free

Scissors, tweezers and safety pins

Alcohol wipes

Iodine or hydrogen peroxide

Bite and sting ointment

Antibiotic ointment

Disposable gloves

Cotton balls

Listing of family members medical conditions, allergies and medications


Soap and hand sanitizer

Toilet paper and paper towels

Garbage bags

Toothpaste and toothbrushes

Shampoo and deodorant

Feminine supplies

Comb, brush


Chlorine Bleach


In the event of an evacuation, ATMs are sometimes shut down. Prepare with some extra cash on hand.