Everybody loves our favorite backyard park, the Adirondacks.  The region is well-known around the country for its beauty, quaint small towns, three-hundred years of history, and for its fun family vacation heritage.

In the summer, the area positively teems with campers, boaters, fishermen, tourists, and visitors from all over the country.

But winter, is pretty special up here too!

This gallery, the first of a series which will highlight winter carnivals and events in Upstate New York, looks at the Adirondacks through a frost-covered lens.  There are several fun Winter carnivals and festivals that are well-worthy of a visit from you.  The towns and villages are, for the most part, very small up here in the mountains.  In fact one in this gallery has a population of under 400 residents.  Still, these people are hearty and they really know how to throw a party.

Each of this short list of winter festivals is directly linked to the event's website or Facebook page.  Please note that at the time of this publication not all have announced their dates for this season.  So keep checking back frequently.

So here is to you Lake George, Inlet, Long Lake, Saranac Lake, and the others.  Plus, we have even reached waaaay north and included a winter carnival event in Alexandria Bay, on the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Watch for other galleries and regions which will will highlight.  And get out and enjoy the season at some fantastic fun, family events!

Winter Festivals and Carnivals Can Be Found All Over the Adirondack Region This Season

This gallery will be the first one which will take a look at winter carnivals and festivals held during this season in the various regions of Upstate New York. This gallery looks at the Adirondack Region. Other regions will follow. It is our intention that by checking out these galleries our readers can form a festival calendar ahead of the actual dates so they can plan with their family accordingly. Please note that there will be some festivals that have not announced their dates or event activities at the time of this publication. But we wanted you to know about them and urge you to keep checking back for when things get updated.

Each carnival or festival has a direct link to the its website or Facebook page.
The Adirondacks, while buzzing with campers, tourists, and outdoor sports lovers in the summer, is actually quite alive in the winter. Of course, ski season brings a whole new crowd of happy folks to the several ski slopes in our region. Snowmobiliers, too, can be seen buzzing around the forested lands in the High Peaks in ever growing numbers every year.

The little villages of this region, from Inlet to Long Lake and others have holiday events that you might want to put on your winter bucket list! (And we have even reached out a little farther north to Alexandria Bay to highlight their winter festival).

Look for future galleries focus on winter celebrations in Central New York., Finger Lakes, Western New York, Catskills, and Hudson Valley.

Gallery Credit: Chuck D'Imperio

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