Is that the Grinch in the sheriff's car??

The Delaware County Sheriff's Office has a very successful Toys for Tots campaign ongoing.  After a big day and night Sheriff DuMond posted this thank you note on the DCSO Facebook page.

"Despite the chilly temperatures, we had such fun tonight!!  A special thank you to Santa Claus- Civil Officer Robert Mantzouratos, The Grinch - Corrections Officer Kenneth Wilber, Cindy Lou Who- Skyler Barnes, the Whoville helpers Hannah Barnes, Investigator David Barnes, Civil Clerk Tammy Wagner, Administrative Assistant Jessica Miller and the volunteers behind the scenes!! In addition, we thank the kindhearted and generous members of the public who have already donated and those who came out tonight to participate in the 2020 TOYS for TOTS toy drive. A job well done everyone!.  For anyone who desires to donate, the toy collection boxes will remain at our office through the weekend."

For more photographs of the fun event visit the Delaware County Sheriff Office Facebook page here.

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