On this Saturday's edition of "This Week in Central New York" we interviewed three guests about important issues in our area.

Leslie had two interviews this week.  Her first was with Kate Hewlett.  She is a Peer Engagement Specialist with Otsego County Community Services.  They discussed a free Social Security workshop coming up, especially important for those on disability.  Hewlett also talked about her challenges with a mental illness diagnosis and how she has learned to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life despite her challenges.

Another guest was Leslie Orzetti, the Executive Director of the Otsego County Conservation Association.  She told us about the mission of the organization.  She also told us about offering a contest for kids who would like to attend Conservation Camp for free this summer.

"Big Chuck" talked with Carol Mandigo about the exciting First Night event in Oneonta.  Carol was pleased to tell us that fir the very first time the entire New Year's event is free thanks to generous local sponsors.